I quite enjoy drawing animals and have been able to do quite a few recently. Most of these have been quick illustrations but I’ve also included images that I have been commissioned to do including ‘Bear and Owl’ which I created in both blue and yellow.

My 10 min studies have been personal challenges for myself. Limiting my colour palette to just a few colours and not getting too bogged down with detail or precision.

‘Giraffe and Seagram’ – image based on the Seagram building in NYC and a giraffe from a zoo in Valencia, Spain
‘Bear and Owl’ – private commission
‘Barn Owl’ – a 10 min colour study
‘Arctic Owl’ – a 10 min colour study
‘Vulture’ – a 10 min colour study
‘Bison’ – based on an image from Miami, FL

All images on takuwara.com ©takuwara to the artist and must not be used for any other purpose including the alteration of images for personal or private use. Please enquire at contact@takuwara.com for purchase options.

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