Artwork / Music

I love creating artwork for albums, EPs and Singles. here are a few projects i’ve done in the past. I’ve had the joy of collaborating with singer songwriter Tina Boonstra on a few different projects over the years.

First Collaboration ‘Until my Feet Move’

Concrete Heart

Originally the title was going to go into the black spaces above the mountains but this was later changed as the follow-up singles would be zoomed versions of the same image. After my own attempts to do the handwriting, we soon realised it would be better to use Tina’s own handwriting, almost as a nod to the many artists out there that have contributed their lyrics to album sleeves.

My Concrete Heart (will beat again)

Underrated Animals

In 2018 I worked up some images to accompany the EP ‘Underrated Animals’.

Underrated Animals single cover

City of Doubt

In 2019/2020 I worked with Tina to create some more artwork to publicise her latest EP ‘City of Doubt’. A few ideas were thrown around but eventually the idea of shells came into play. The idea was alright, but it didn’t seem edgy enough.

Eventually, in my own creative frustration, I scrawled over my initial idea with the song title… and it seemed to work. The text works as a juxtaposition against the beauty of the shell illustrations and adds an edgy and ‘rock and roll’ feel to something quite beige.

More than your Head’ – single cover for City of Doubt EP

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