I really like doing urban illustrations – it sometimes takes ages to set up the scenes, but I really enjoy the challenge. Having travelled around a lot I’ve been in a great position to get various subject matters and build up a good portfolio of travel images.

Below are a selection of different illustrations.

‘Valencia rooftops’ Valencia
‘Parking’ Los Angeles

‘Corner’ James Wood Blvd, Los Angeles

‘Giraffe and Seagram’ New York
‘Sydney Harbour’ Australia

‘Hersheys’ Colour illustrations, New York, Time Square

‘Wellington Harbour’ Featuring Solace in the Wind, New Zealand
Colour study – Buddhist temple in KL, Malaysia
‘Chicago Beach’ Chicago, IL
‘Dusk’ – Colour study, Chicago, IL
‘Progress’ – Ham and Eggery, Miami, FL
‘Jetty’ Miami Beach, FL

‘Olympic’ – Sign illustrated traditionally and then interpreted as a graphic illustration

Ocean Drive, Miami, FL
hoody number one

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